Children of Orion

Children of Orion
Massive pirate/smuggler Operation
The Children of Orion are, as they like to call themselves, a
‘planet-free political and ethnic nation.’ Most planet or system based
policing forces see them as roving gangs at best, or more
commonly as a dangerous criminal enterprise with so many heads
and such a complicated structure there is simply no good way to
stop them entirely. Like a hydra, if a family head is brought to
justice, two more appear to replace and avenge him.

They are brutal and violent in piracy, but also in politics. Most ship
captains and fleet admirals (or as they call them, family heads,)
are law savvy and know just how to protect themselves in case
of arrest and find ways out of even the most dramatic legal
trouble. Most authorities see the Children of Orion as such
nuisances that they let them slip through the system rather then
get into the legal nightmare of trying to hold them. Less legally
minded systems tend to shoot first and would rather destroy a
Child’s ship than hassle with the law.

Of course, the Children have a means of combating that as well.
Being politically-minded, when such attacks are leveled against a
Child’s ship, they often start on a media-based attack on the
planet or system involved, crying out against the ‘racially charged’
assaults and accusing their attackers of attempted genocide. This
sort of assault has caused reparations be paid to the pirates and
many worlds just won’t risk having to deal with such an onslaught.
The Children feel no guilt in using any of these tactics, physical or
political, because they truly believe that they are the spiritual
inheritors of the Terra/Sol system. They believe that they are the
decedents of Orion, and that they were wrongly chased from their
home world long ago. Much of their patchwork ‘culture’ is based
on an elaborate myth of the planet. They attempt to stylize their
clothing, ships, and even their elaborate tattooing to remind
anyone looking at them that they are ‘ancient natives’ to the

It is, of course, a lot of bunk. There is no scientific evidence of
any original inhabitants of the world and all but fringe
anthropologists are certain that if there ever was prior human
habitation of Terra/Sol it was certainly not the Children (though
the media backlash the Children render to anyone foolish enough
to publish or speak about it is often not worth the effort to
demonstrate that fact.). It is far more likely that early in
Terra/Sol’s history, ancestors of the pirates squatted in system.
Most likely they were driven off as the system developed and
willfully chose to create the myth of their origins in order to give
credence to their criminal activities. While there might be
Children alive who are in on the gag, most believe in their fake
heritage with religious fervor.

Children of Orion

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