Type a free trader

Ancient Trails – Initial Ship 200 ton Free Trader
FREE TRADER, TYPE A Tons Price (Cr.)
Hull 200 tons Streamlined Hull 4, Structure 4 8,800,000
Armor Crystaliron 4 points 10 tons, 1,600,000
Jump Drive A Jump 1 10 tons 10,000,000
Maneuver Drive E Thrust 5 9 tons 4,000,000
Power Plant E 16 tons 40,000,000
Bridge 10 tons 1,000,000
Computer Quantum Model 3 (Q3)* Rating 15 5,000,000
Electronics Basic Military Sensors +0 DM 2 ton 50,000
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Single Turret 1 ton 200,000
Beam Laser 1,000,000
Hardpoint #2 Single Turret 1 ton 200,000
Sandcaster 250,000
Fuel 22 tons One Jump–1 and two weeks of operation 22 tons (ship uses 1 ton of fuel a week for standard operations)
Cargo 66 tons 66 tons
10 Staterooms 40 tons 5,000,000
30 Low Berths 10 tons 1,500,000
Extras Fuel Scoop –
Fuel Processor 1 50,000
Ship’s Locker –
Large Belly Airlock in Cargo Hold
Drop Tank Fitting 2 tons 1,000,000
External Vehicle Docking Clamp (can attach up to a 10 ton vehicle) 100,000
Food Synthesizer Standard/Small/Limited (25KG) cost 2,500
Software Jump Control/1 100,000
Maneuver/0 –
Library/0 –

Maintenance Cost (monthly) 9,269
Life Support Cost (monthly) 22,000
Total Tonnage and Cost 200 tons 92,687,000

  • Q3 is a TL13 computer. This one manufactured at TL 15 halves the cost twice. It was manufactured by the Arisutokurashi Corp under an Orion Department of Defense contract in 2958 and previously housed an Artificial Intelligence. It was installed on the Whippet during its construction.

Commisioned by the Orion Naval Service the ship was laid down in 2962 and launched that same year. She was christened the Whippet and built for insertion of special forces (hence the 30 Low Berths). Official records indicate The Whippet saw Action at Sologne, Barthume and Harrington during her 28 year naval career. Several commanding Officers went on to distinguished careers including Jarold Herginstiener who rose to the rank of Rear Admiral and Ovalise Cormanton who went on to command the Battleship New Kansas. Other notables include Jedidiah Worth who commanded the ships Special Forces compliment who is still an active duty Colonel in the Confed Marines.

She was decommissioned last year and sold as surplus to requirements. Purchased by the Al-Sharref Corporation she awaits her civilian commissioning (Naming).

Her original name can be retained or a new one assigned.