Professor Elsie Itcher


Professor Elsie Itcher
“You have to understand, son, that when you dig into the heart of a planet, you will find the value and wealth of its heart blood. But that is not all you will find.”

Itcher is a shockingly intelligent woman, which is evidenced by
her massive vocabulary, fluid manner of speech, and extensive
knowledge in her own field as well as many others. She is not one
to bore people with useless details; in fact she is rather to the
point, knowing exactly the right words to describe a situation for
maximum verbal efficiency. Still, there is something distant and
dreamy in her eyes and left to her own she will wax poetic about
art, literature and history. She comes across somewhat ‘touched’
or living in two worlds, making her strangely suited to the odd
setting of the University.

History and Motivation
Itcher is a SIM with an experimental intelligence based gene
modification. As a child she was diagnosed with a type of early
onset Alzheimer’s that would eventually rob her of her intelligence.
Her parents sought out the modification in the hopes that it would
save her diseased mind. It did, and then some. Her mutation is a
custom blueprint with some odd side effects. She dreams
strangely. More than that, she dreams in words. These
disconnected collections of poetry or verse have no human record
that she can find and she is certain she didn’t create them herself.
She’s no poet. She seeks their source, and though she will not go
venturing off wildly to chase leads, she has been known to put
proxies into some dangerous predicaments all in the name of
satisfying her curiosity. By sending the characters on this very
simple delivery run through treacherous space, she is testing the
characters to see if they might be valuable in the future.
“…Why do you assume the things that you cannot know must sleep,
But if so, then sleep we do,
and in sleep we hunger.
Hunger is the root of creation,
and so we are [at] the root of creation…”
–Transcribed by Professor Elsie Itcher

Professor Elsie Itcher

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