Sergeant Kimba Bloodfang

Uplifted Gorilla. Ex Confederation Assualt Marine Grenadier, currently a "Freelance" security consultant along the frontier systems.


Sgt kimba bloodfang

STR 15 (Massive and immensely strong)
DEX 9 (Agile)
END 12 (Very tough
INT 7 (Average)
EDU 6 (Missed some schooling)
SOC 2 (Mean and surly, only his mother would love him, if he wasn’t an outcast)

Athletics (Climbing) 1, Gun Combat (slug rifle) 2, Heavy Weapon (launchers) 1, Interrogation 0, Intimidate (persuade option) 1, Leadership 1, Medic 0, Melee (Blade) 1, Notice 0, Recon 2, Stealth 1, Survival (jungles) 1, Tactics (ground combat, squad level Boarding/close assault) 1, Vacc Suit 1, Zero-G 1.

Rank 3 Sergeant (gives leadership 1 and Recon 1, included above)

Mk 71g Confederation Assault Marine issue Gauss rifle, modified for Gorilla use. Bull-pup layout, extended 100 round mag, computer enhanced targeting (2 penalties removed, thermal, 50 power magnification), x-ray target spot, HUD interface, under rail high white light high intensity lamp. Spare barrel, 3 100 round magazines, 500 round snail drum, detachable bipod. 500 rounds boxed for reloads. Licensed to own and carry.

Gorilla fighting knife. 30cm BSD alloy blade, wedge shaped for enhanced thrust penetration of heavy armour. Mono molecular full length cutting edge. Flat bar hand guard with spikes.

Support 40mm RAM grenade launcher. Modified to be carried, vehicle mounting points removed. Single round or auto fire 3 round salvos. Bipod. X-ray laser targeter and rangefinder. 3 × 6 round box magazines or 1 × 20 round drum. HUD interface. 12 Boarding rounds (Ball bearings), 12 Frag rounds, 6 smoke rounds, 6 HE rounds. NOT licensed.

Modified Confederation Marine Boarding Armour. Magnetic clamps on hands and feet. Standard life support plus extended life support pack for extra 18 hours of use.
HUD, self sealing. Hostile Environment protection. Gauss pistol built into left vambrace (normal stats but limited to 20 round magazines). Advanced lighting (three squares wide times three squares forward in front. High intensity spot light 1m spot at 1000m. Infra red visor plus all lights can switch between infra red and white light.
5km multi channel squad communications, 50km multi channel tactical communications. Numerous webbing connection points and clamp points on armour.
(Gorillas are rare and so apart from a few unique cases the marines and army do not have Battledress or combat armour for them. The standard solution is to take hostile environment suits for Gorillas which are available for the more common gorilla engineers and modify them for military use. Rigid light alloy ballistic plates are used to replace the normal fabric outer layers to proved wear and tear resistance equal to the normal combat armour. HEV suits are tough but the marines found that in combat they are torn and punctured too easily where the rigid plates provide better resistance)

Ballistic weave sleeveless jacket covered in pockets. Webbing plus many pouches for normal wear. Ship boots (gorilla size 22 extra extra wide). Normal causal/shipboard clothing. Marine issue jungle camouflage suit.

Personal items, tool kits, maintenance and cleaning kits. Other small items. Small amount of money. Marine duffle 120litre. Navy issue Grav floater locker/chest.


Sergeant Kimba Bloodfang Male Age 43

Uplifted Lowland Gorilla, Silverback of the Independent Gorilla Nation Terra/Sol.
Ex Confederation Marine, now a free-lance Security consultant. Decorated and promoted for valour Estinrol campaign, demoted and decorated for actions performed Sabrec 4 assault, promoted for actions Siege of Anteial, Decorated for valour and promoted for actions Brintac campaign. Demoted, honourably discharged after Epsidoc garrison massacre.

Public bio
Bio pic. Big and heavy set even for a Gorilla. Wearing a modified armoured boarding suit of some sort. Yes that is a vehicle mounted support RAM grenade launcher he is holding. Mean looking so and so. Earned his honour name of Bloodfang for killing an APR marine officer during the final assault on Sabrec 4. The marines were hand to hand storming the PDF command bunker and he killed the APR commander with his teeth, bit right through the man’s suit and tore his throat out.

Born in the Independent Gorilla Nation, Terra/Sol. He left the nation at 18 and very rarely returns, he is highly regarded as a warrior by his people but there seems to be a significant problem between him and his clan. Rumour has it that it is some sort of cultural or historic difference of opinions and that he is an outcast from his clan but no one knows for sure and the Gorillas take a very dim view of people who pry into their affairs.

Early records indicate a number of problems with high port security over the course of a year after leaving the Nation till he enlisted in the Marines under unusual circumstances.

Military records mostly classified, a few non classified reports about excessive aggression which is odd coming from the marines.

Also a number of unusual demotions accompanying medals for valour, clearly some very interesting details in the classified bits.

Went free lance after leaving the marines, very quickly ended up with a fairly dubious security firm that oddly enough employed a number of marines who were all demoted and honourably discharged on the same day. Spend several years working with this lot till it was taken down by the Ministry of justice and Naval Intelligence, most of the higher ups were arrested and many are still in prison for piracy, violations of the Mercenary regulations, war crimes, smuggling, slavery and so on.

Since then has drifted from one job to another. Nothing blatantly illegal, but often very borderline.

An expert with Gauss weapons, specialist grenadier and fully qualified as an assault marine with speciality in boarding hostile ships. Some additional skills picked up since then not relating to military training. Can be surprisingly stealthy for a 450lb marine, highly skilled in jungle warfare and survival from growing up in the Gorilla nation.

Sergeant Kimba Bloodfang

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