Halcomb Botswana


Halcomb botswana

Halcomb is relatively tall at 6’3" and solidly built. He wears an eye patch over his left eye…odd considering he could easily implant a cybernetic eye if he is indeed missing one. He has a stern/stoic look about him.

He was a Confederation Marine Pilot during the war serving on a Sister of this very vessel in fact for 4 years from 2890 to 2894. Based on this he is obviously a Centennial. He mustered out of the Marines in 2914 on a medical honorable discharge. He was a full Colonel when he retired. For the last seventy odd years records show that he has owned and operated a ranch on Dorlass. He has been an active member of the “Sons of the West” both politically and as a lifestyle choice.


Halcomb Botswana

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