Ancient Trails - A Spacer's Guild Campaign Played via Virtual Tabletop

The Mining Station Run (December 1, 2991)

First Session

The briefing continued in conference room 4B on the Port Jefferson docking station.
The robot was clear, the crew of the Whippet was to make money…and make it legally. However it continued after setting a white noise device on the table, “Sometimes circumstances may require you to take aggressive action. We suggest that such action not be discovered by the legal authorities to the extent that it could be deemed illegal.”

The man already sitting in the conference room when the crew arrives is introduced by the robot as Halcomb Botswanna who will be the Ships Master. He says; “you can call me Hal, you can call me Bots or you can call me Colonel but you are not to call me Captain. I ain’t no Navy puke.”

Hiram issues a silent command to his wafer jack to start a search on the Colonel’s record. The results: He was a Confederation Marine Pilot during the war serving on a Sister of this very vessel in fact for 4 years from 2890 to 2894. Based on this he is obviously a Centennial. He mustered out of the Marines in 2914 on a medical honorable discharge. He was a full Colonel when he retired. For the last seventy odd years records show that he has owned and operated a ranch on Dorlass. He has been an active member of the “Sons of the West” both politically and as a lifestyle choice.
The Colonel provides the information on your first cargo, some delicate experimental mining equipment from the University of St. Mary of Mars, they’ll be running 3 AUs up belt to the Universities experimental mining facility (an Asteroid cluster). Professor Elsie Eitcher is the Universities representative and the job will pay you 25,000cr for a little over 2 days work. A nice start.

The group made their way to the ship and got settled in. They contact Professor Eitcher and make the arrangements for the transfer of the cargo. After getting everything arranged the Professor’s eyes roll back in her head and she speaks in a different voice saying:
“Why do you assume the things you cannot know must sleep…but if so then sleep we do…and in sleep we hunger…hunger is the root of creation. and so we are at the root of creation.

The crew are suitably creeped out but take it in stride. The professor saying things like this have happened to her since she was a little girl and that her Mom said she was Psionic but she didn’t think so.

After a few systems checks and the transfer of their cargo from the University.
Within hours of leaving Port Jefferson and the University the players detect a ship following them and almost immediately receive a communication for it. The ship identifies itself as a Children of Orion vessel. A Notorious piratical organization. They tell the Whippet they are trespassing in ‘Children’ space and demand that they heave to and prepare to be boarded. The ship is only a 100 ton scout sized vessel and the Whippet decides to make a run for it.

The ’Children’s" ship launches a missile at the Whippet but after some good maneuvering they manage to avoid it.

The Whippet is fast, much faster than the ‘Children’s’ ship. And in short order the Whippet is able to out distance it’s pursuer and no more missiles are launched. The Children captain has a parting shot, "Run little rabbit but know that you have been marked as an enemy of the Children of Orion.”

Unfortunately the violent maneuvering has damaged a piece on the mining equipment they are transporting. They determine that a replacement part is needed.

Fortunately a huge salvage yard is only about 6 hours off course from where the crew is.
At the Salvage Yard the Crew makes contact with the yard’s owner, Buddy Bricker. Buddy turns out to be a lonely guy and enjoys banter with the Crew. In the end they find the part they need as well as a plethora of other stuff including. Mika makes friends with Buddy who doesn’t get to see a lot of women out this way. In the end they find a beam laser, a particle beam and a triple turret and use a five finger discount to acquire about 80% of a fire control 2 program. All these items will need work and then if they’re used on the Whippet they’ll need to be installed. So the Crew ends up with a number of projects out of their trip to the junk yard!


As her initial order of priority Mika sets about repairing the mining equipment. She also asks Neurog when he will start unpacking the powers system-nexxt time in port.

As a tertiary projects she starts stripping down and rebuilding the particle beam weapon.


Neurog will start in on the experimental power system once other priorities are taken care of such as the newly acquired weapons systems and the fire control software.


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