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Port Jefferson (Part 2)

December 1, 2991 (cont'd)

Hiram desidious

A tall thin man in an impeccable gray suit walked into the waiting area from the attached hotel lobby. His hair combed straight back; although handsome he clearly was not the product of a gene blueprint created to reflect physical perfection. No…there was no plastic quality to this individual. He fairly radiated confidence and intelligence.

“Ah…early but not too early”, Al-Shareff thought. Their doctor was finally here and what a doctor he was. This was a man whose surgical skills could only be equaled by literally a few physicians in the Known Galaxy. To obtain a physician of this caliber certain compromises had to be made, Hiram Desidious was famous in certain precincts but out here on the frontier he hoped to make a fresh start. At least that’s what he’d said in his application and Al-Shareff at least was willing to take him at his word.

Wait a minute…sitting quietly in the corner was none other than Garett Skeet. “How’d he get there without me noticing”, Al-Shareff thought. I didn’t know he had any stealthy abilities. Well that surely couldn’t hurt anything, one more value added bonus Skeet brought to the table.

The 20 year Confederation Navy veteran was a bit of an enigma. He definitely had the skills to have gone a long way in the service but had only risen to the rank of Petty Officer 3rd class. That hadn’t prevented him from serving as a pilot on a pretty impressive line of ships including the Dreadnought Nike. His dossier also indicated he had some pretty impressive math skills as well, serving as an astrogator as much as he had a pilot.

He fit the bill perfectly for what the Whippet’s crew needed. In his line of work that always mad Al-Shareff a little nervous. There were lots of people both friends and foes anxious to keep tabs on what he was doing. But Skeet was perfect for his needs, he was here and available so Al-Shareff wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, just keep a close eye on him.


The robot continues to scan the area while Neurog starts a search for any information on Al-Shareff and one for information on the Whippet.

The robot detects a small movement, zooms in for a closer look and watches a fly land on the end of the gorilla’s nose.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

Neurog’s search turns up the following.

Al-Shareff: See Al-Shareff Corporation. The Al-Shareff Corporation: Created in 2990 and registered as an Avalon Station Free State Corporation. Its business is listed as freight transport. Its sole assest is a 200 ton vessel purchased in July of 2991 currently registered as the “Whippet”. Under Avalon Station Free State Corporation rules, “Ownership of a corporation does not need to be listed if the Corporation has less than 25 shareholders.” No ownership is listed on the Incorporation papers which are public record.

Any information you can find on the Whippet is the same as has already been provided under the entry for the ship under the items tab.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

Sgt Bloodfang shook his head slightly to chase off the fly and took a long look around. Place was starting to get crowded. Problem was they were all civilians, nothing bigger than a pistol among them. Al-Shareff had said he would meet everyone here and soon. No one else in the room hand anything close to a military look.
Kimba sighed to himself, he hoped this wasn’t going to be another babysitting job, he hated these secret hiring jobs where he didn’t know everything up front. Security and combat support for a detached team could mean so many things.
He finished putting his rifle back togehter and ran the self test, everything perfect. He thought about striping and cleaning the auto grenade launcher in his duffle, glanced at the pair of nervous looking security guards and decided not to bother. Al-Shareff should be making contact soon. Instead he drew his combat knife and tested it by slicing a thin strip off the table edge.
He then got a small sharpener from his jacket and started to slowly and regularly add to the already razor sharp edges and point of the blade.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

Looks at the tall, thin man.

“Hey! Aren’t you that zombie Doc? Are you in on this too?”

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

Kimba glanced across at the human female who had just loudly called that comment.

Zombie Doc, strange referance. There were some old wives tales about witch doctors and zombies but the thin human male didn’t look like someone who would fit that description.

Still that last comment. Are you in on this too. Was the female waiting here for Al-Shareff and was the male also one of the team. Neither looked ready for battle. Another babysitting job then.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

Over the lounge’s intercom system you hear; Attention, Attention, the Al-Shareff company meeting will begin in 5 minutes in conference room 4B.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

While Neurog pulls up the plans for the station the robot waits and watches to see who will head in that direction.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

At last!
Sgt Kimba stands, slides his combat knife back into its sheath at the back of his belt, slings his rifle on his back and picks up his duffle. He activates the grav case follow along and strides to the desk where the two uniformed humans suddenly look nervous.
Seeing him getting closer rapidly one of them points towards a corridor leading away from the arrival lounge and stammers “F f first coridor on the left.”
The big gorilla walks down the corridor indicated and heads to the meeting room, his grav case floating along behind.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

The robot observes the gorillas departure.

One of those uplifts that humans where experimenting with before they created AI’s the perfect life form.

Doesn’t look the most intelligent sort but could be useful if we run into some trouble of that sort that biologicals are always getting themselves into.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

As the group files into the room one after another, they find themselves in a large conference room with an oval table. Sitting at the far end is a large man with an eyepatch over his left eye. A gravbot (not the one you saw in the waiting area) sits over his left shoulder. It’s optics are green.

The Gorilla even finds an oversized chair! Once everyone has filed in and taken a seat, the tiney voice of the robot begins; “Thank you all for coming and for signing on to the Whippet. I have received all of your signed contracts and look forward to working with each of you.”

“First I’d like to go over with you the operating parameters you’ll be working under as employees of the Al-Sharref Corporation and the crew of the Whippet. First you will have an operating line of credit of 1.5 million credits. Your profit sharing will be based upon the growth of this account. You are allowed to upgrade the Whippet and/or it’s equipment packages from your operating LOC. These upgrades are repayable over a 2 year period and during that time they will not count against your net profits. Net profits will be split 80/20. The crew share being 20%. Profit sharing will be calculated on a quarterly basis. Each of you will receive a 200cr weekly salary over and above the profit sharing agreement. You will occassionaly be required to undertake special deliveries for the corporation. During those periods your normal operating profits will supplemented at the rate of 6,000cr per week.”

“Mr. Botswana will be the Ships Master and have the ultimate day to day responsibility for the Whippet. Any questions?”

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

Neurog looks over each of the others and decides if Al-Sharref isn’t going to mention something he will have to.

The Whipped is equipped with an experimental drive system that is now ready for field testing.

Are there any restrictions on types of jobs the ship undertakes or a limited operating area?

I believe introductions are in order, I am Neurog, until recently I was performing research on the Trinity Research Station.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

The Robot replies; “Yes, as Neurog mentioned we have a contract to field test an experimental Power system developed at Trinity Research station. Successful completion of these field tests should prove quite lucretive for the crew. Trinity expects a weekly log to be kept on the project and transmitted to them as often as possible.”

“The Power system currently needs to be assembled and installed. You can accomplish this while you go about your other business.”

Note: The experimental Power Plant currently sits in crates in the cargo hold of the Whippet, taking up 14 tons of space.

Port Jefferson (Part 2)

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