Ancient Trails - A Spacer's Guild Campaign Played via Virtual Tabletop

Bound for Dorlass (December 4-17, 2991)

3rd Session

The Whippet leaves the University of St. Mary of Mars on December 4th and heads insystem towards the Wytherby Memorial Space Station, the high port which orbits VanKilla Kiertotahti. Its a little over a six day trip which should leave them plenty of time to connect with the Pax Combine Tender Hibiscus on which they’ll hitch a ride to Dorlass. It is scheduled to depart on December 15th. On their way in they contact a broker on Wytherby to secure some additional cargo for their trip to Dorlass. They also look into parolee transport since they have a large number of low berths.

They bid 1,000cr each to transport some parolees (they are allocated 12) to Dorlass. The broker finds a couple of tons of prisoner produced wine which after some haggling they procure for 7,600cr a ton. It has a pretty good reputation and would fetch a good price on Dorlass or an even better one on Terra/Sol. There just isn’t a lot of cargo coming out of VKK since it is a prison.

On the way in the crew decides to do another sweep for stow aways. They run a bio scan. The scan is designed to detect the electric signature of biologicals. The scan detects an anomaly in Avionics, an electrical spike. It doesn’t fit the parameters of a biological signature but gets the crews attention. After much paranoia and preparation for invasion the crew decompresses the bridge and opens up Avionics for a look. After going through it with a fine tooth comb they discover a blown circuit which has fried some wiring. Mika sets about fixing the damage.

Also during the trip insystem the crew starts working on a few of their projects and makes progress on recoding the fire control program they stole from Buddy Bricker. They get the beam laser they bought totally refurbished and make progress on the Particle Beam as well.

When the Whippet reaches Wytherby the biologicals all take some R&R time. Neurog continues working on the Fire Control software however. The station itself is very well kept with a plethora of amenities, shopping and entertainment for the most part with some parks as well. The amenities are out of proportion to the numbers of visitors observed. But merchants say it does get busy a couple of times a month as Warden Service personnel come here to get away from VKK which can be kind of a depressing place.

Kimba during his time carousing the station runs across a group of Children of Orion. They make some snide remarks and words are exchanged. The CoO threaten to call the authorities after Kimba responds back to them demonstrating one of the primary tactics. Hiding behind the law to cover their abuses.

They eventually make contact with the Hibiscus and get the Whippet attached for the trip through Tachyon Space. However on day 2 of the 3 and ½ day trip the Whippet is attacked by a group of CoO. After a brief but intense firefight in which a couple of the Children are killed the crew drives off the rest and secures their ship.

The Children who have a ship attached to the Hibiscus as well button up their ship and refuse all contact with the Whippet’s crew as well as the Hibiscus after the attack. It turns out that the attackers came on board in cargo containers in the Hibiscus’ hold. One thing is clear the CoO seem to have declared war on the crew of the Whippet.

Currently the crew has the bodies of two dead CoO and are a day and a half from dropping out of T-Space over Dorlass. What will they do……..?


Correction: Neurog was working on the Fire Control software not the particle beam.


It’s after the attempted boarding action. You’ve got two CoO bodies. What are you doing?


We could stick the bodies in a couple of spare low berths to keep them fresh.

Clean up / repair what we can after the attack.


The Colonel says; “Good job making short work of those Children of Orion Bastards. They’ve clearly got it in for us now. Al-Sherref will be pleased with how you’ve acquited yourselves.”


Any chance of a writeup of last session: I’m still not entirely sure what actually happened or was said?


That would be quite useful for me too since I have pretty much no idea what’s going on now.


Ok to sum up.

We made the jump to Dorlass, dropped off the evidence of the attack, (the Children ship jumped away as soon as we arrived).
We delivered the lasers.
We booked some repair time (and a crew of passing engineers) in a bay at the friendly free port. We prepared the experimental drive, removed the normal drive and installed the experimental one. We fixed the triple turret and put it on the top mount transfering the old laser and adding the new laser so we now have a singel belly turret sandcaster and a triple dorsal turret with two beams. We overhauled the SLD. Basicly apart from the P-Beam which is not yet working we fixed everything onthe repai list.
We fixed up the damage from the attack.
We are going to drop the old power plant at the colonels ranch on Dorlass (we are there now) for safe keeping.
We have a load of prisoners in the low berths for Van Killa (our next stop), these are from the free port sentanced to prison on the hell hole (the free port has two laws, no weapons bigger than a pistol and no killing people) yet these guys were sentanced to the nastiest prison around.
I had a chat (without any fighting) with some children types who said that the children as a whole do not have a problem with us and its just someone called Wyatt (i think) and his faction who are after us. We need to research this to see if they are just based in Van Killa, are the children factions regional?
We bought a load of crew jackets with built in armour and anti laser weave plus some more anti laser weave for the vacc suits and for Nuerog.

We were discusing what to do as we have options, wait several weeks for the tender to arrive and catch a lift to van killa, jump ourselves at one parsec a week and make it there in three weeks with not much with a few days fuel left or rent a fuel drop tank or rig some auxiliary fuel storeage and use the boosted jump and see what happens.


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